How To Fund Africard in Nigeria without Going to the Bank

how to fund africard Steps

Below you will find UBA Africard method to funding the Card account, be it for Activation or personal usage. To start with how to fund Africard, you must have gotten the FREE card from any UBA Bank Branch. If not, check out a guide on how to do it.

Also, this is for those who have gotten their UBA Afri Dollar Card and want the card funded (for activation) – mostly with $10 only.

Into The Africard Funding Process

Step 1. Contact fnfSwap support for order placement.

When you contact us, you will be required to pay the Naira equivalent of the Dollar Card Funds you need. From there, you drop your prepared card details for the funding process.

Step 2. Drop Card Account details.

Having acknowledged your order by the support team, go ahead and drop the following Africard Account information for us:

Last nameas used in your bank

Customer ID – this is the 10 digits at the back of your Afri Dollar card.

Amountenter the amount you want to be funded.

Africard Customer ID
Africard sample in Nigeria

Step 3. Get Funded.

You will get funded in 1-15 mins maximum (without any external factors as stated in our Payment Schedule)

Instant Funds Swap Africard ng

And it will reflect on your Africard Gtpsecurecard UBA Dashboard.

gtpsecurecard uba dashboard


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