About fnfSwap

about fnfswap

fnfSwap’s services are provided by IsuaWealthyPlace Publishers, a legal and registered business with the Corporate Affairs Commission in the Federal Republic of Nigeria with the BN: 3560824.

Why fnfSwap

#1. Raise your hands if you’ve ever been scammed off your hard earnings online by so-called money and digital exchangers.


Quite unfortunately, at times combined with fake escrows (be it on a forum website, WhatsApp or Telegram). For me, I have, many times and you can relate.

#2. Raise your hands if you desire to get the maximum amount of Dollar to Naira exchange rate of your online income.


Is that you? If yes, then fnfSwap was created for you: to beat the popular ₦418/$, or ₦430/$-₦500/$ exchange rates for a higher and best Dollar/Naira rate of MORE THAN ₦530/$ to give meaning to your hustle.

#3. Raise your hands if you are tired of your funds/payments being processed for 2hrs, 12 hours, and more than 24hrs. 


fnfSwap was created so you get your funds in 1-15 mins. And if you don’t get funded within this period, you get apology funds of $5.

#4. Raise your hands if you hate being ignored by administrators or being kept for more than 24hrs before you can be attended to. 


At fnfSwap, our clients’ views are our starting point, therefore, you get 24/7 working hours online chat and direct call support to sort or ask your questions.

#5. The Vision is clear – easy PayPal funds swap at a high $/ rate.


Easily and instantly swap your PAYPAL Freelance Earnings [$ to Naira] at a high rate above the marker and local bank value. 

Thanks for your patronage.