How to Withdraw from UBA Africard PayPal in Nigeria with fnfSwap

Africard Withdrawal in nigeria

As we already know, the Uba Africard card is a versatile prepared card and widely accepted to make all sorts of transactions. Apart from sending and receiving money and withdrawing funds from anywhere in the world including Africa, with the UBA Africard PayPal enabled, you can move funds comfortable from PayPal to the UBA Africard when you use the dollar dominated version.

So, if you ever want a UBA Africard for PayPal withdrawal at a high exchange rate in Nigeria, always go for the UBA Dollar Prepaid Card dominated which is FREE & independent of having an account with UBA.

That is, this card is FREE & AVAILABLE to anyone even if you are not a UBA customer.

P.S: Should you want to read an intro to how the UBA AFRI card works, the requirements to link the card to PayPal successfully, and the possibility of moving funds from PayPal to the AFRI prepared card, click and read below.

If not, let’s go down to the steps to moving funds from your PayPal Dollar account using the UBA AFRI card and to Naira.

Typically, anyone can use the Visa-branded AFRI card to make a purchase with a merchant and move funds from a platform like PayPal because it is designed as an international card. 

That is, you can get and use the UBA AFRI card both as a UBA and non-UBA account owner. 

When the transaction is authorized, the cardholder pays a transaction fee of 1.5% known as OCT inflow – (Original Credit Transaction inflow). 

Before you plan to withdraw into the card, you must activate it by funding so the bank can charge what is called – a card issuance fee which is $3.15 for the Dollar Prepared Card and N1,000 for the Naira Afri Card. 

And if you misplace the card, you can request a new one by contacting the UBA customer support personnel. 

In a real sense, the UBA card acts as a standalone bank – as there are many possibilities with the card.

  • Use a verified PayPal account.
  • Have access to your PayPal email account.
  • Get your UBA AFRI card.
  • Load money to activate your Afri card.
  • Get the Phone number linked to your PayPal account.
  • Log in to your PayPal account
  • Go to Link a card as shown on your Account
  • Enter your card details and click on “Link Card”.
  • Enter the PayPal code sent to your phone number.
  • Confirm the code.
  • Your card is confirmed and linked.

A full proof guide was shared here on linking the card to account.

How to Withdraw from PayPal to UBA AFRI Card in Nigeria

Step 1. Move PayPal funds to your Africard from PayPal

Go to PayPal, click Transfer, and Select Card – Move the funds and you will receive a notification of the funds’ transfer. See an example below.

Instant Funds Swap Africard

[From PayPal to Africard]

Instant Funds Swap Africard ng

[From PayPal to Africard email]

Step 2. Login to Africard Platform – “my uba prepaid card login” page

The official Africard Login platform is gtpsecurecard UBA log in page.

gtpsecurecard uba log in

Please, in case you’ve not set up your Africard Card account already, click here and do it in 2 minutes, and come back and complete the transaction.  

Enter your Username and Passcode and click on Login to access your account.

gtpsecurecard uba dashboard

PLEAS NOTE – you can only SEND a maximum of $300 per transaction per card-to-card transfers. So, sending $400+ or more will be declined. So, kindly send $300 per transaction even if it is $1,000, send $300 per time and we will process the funds for you.

Step 3. Transfer the funds to us - at fnfSwap - from your Africard Portal

Now, go to Card-to-Card Transfer.


When clicked, you may get a transfer notification such as “Dear Customer, prior to your transfer, a temporary PIN will be sent to your phone. Enter this temporary PIN to confirm your operation when prompted. Thank you”.

Nonetheless, Click on Confirm to continue.

myprepaidcard uba

Step 4. Enter Africard Account Transfer details

For “Recipient’s Last Name” – use OFFIONG

For “Customer ID” – use 0013737018

For “Amount” – Enter the amount you are sending to us.  

Upon doing the same, the “Account Entries” will all turn Green – go ahead and click on “Confirm

Step 5. Enter Transfer Code and complete the Transaction

gtpsecurecard uba

A code from UBA will be sent to your phone to complete the transaction. Enter the same and complete the Funds Transfer.

When done, you will receive email notification of the SENT Africard funds.

myprepaidcard uba nigeria

That’s all on Instant Funds Swap on fnfSwap via the UBA Dollar Card platform.

Step 6. Get Paid - Drop your Bank Account details for payment

Upon following the above steps, click here to drop your details for instant payment from fnfSwap.

When you do, you will receive a receipt for your transaction from us.

fnfSwap Transaction Proofs 6
fnfSwap Transaction Proofs 9
fnfSwap Transaction Proofs 7

See a few transactions with fnfSwap clients over the week and today below – observe – all payments are done under 15 mins, else, if payment to your bank account exceeds 15 mins, you get an apology fund of$2 FOR FREE

Transaction with Bethel

paypal uba payment

Payment transferred to his Nigerian Bank Account below – within 5 minutes

paypal uba to bank account

Transaction with Pioneer Freelancer

paypal uba in nigeria

Payment transferred to his Nigerian Bank Account below – within 7 minutes.


Transaction with Daniel


Payment transferred to his Nigerian Bank Account below – within 8 minutes

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