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#1. Minimum Africard Funding

Please, note that the minimum UBA Prepaid Card (Africard) funding amount is pegged at $10 per time. What it means is that kindly verify the total amount of USD funds you need before a funding request.


We hear often “Oh, sorry, I need an extra $2 or $4 to complete my online payment”.

We recommend you fund your card with an excess of $5 to take care of any unforeseen charges/miscellaneous.

#2. Prepaid Card Funds Refund

Supposing you funded your Africard at ₦1,000/$, and for whatever reason you want to sell it off.

Kindly note that you will sell off “at our current prevailing selling rate for Naira”, and not at the same buying rate of ₦1,000/$.

It would help to consider this upfront, so you don’t get disappointed/discouraged. 

#3. Prepaid Cards To Use

Oftentimes, users ask why we have different prepaid cards apart from the one we presented on our website.

Kindly note that prepaid cards get filled at $10k/mo/quarter, and so, a different one might be issued to you per time.

Most importantly, NEVER send UBA Prepaid Dollar Card funds to any Card details – UNLESS it is issued by us [administrator(s)].

Doing this will/might lead to loss of funds cause the receiving card 💳 might have been a new client who can’t issue refunds to you if he/she does not have access to the portal.

So, wait for card issuance and approval from us to successfully move your funds to us. 

Kindly note this so we can work cordially 🤝

And now, our work at fnfSwap Nigeria has always been pretty simple. To serve you for 120% satisfaction like these digital marketers on “X” or here.

Thank you for your patience, patronage, and supporting us. #Gracefully grateful.

Isuamfon Offiong – Team Lead.

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❌ Kindly Note: we do NOT deal WITH/ON Cryptocurrencies, and other relative CRYPTO assets.

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