The UBA Africard is a standalone debit card that helps you transact effortlessly on the internet. It literally prevents you from carrying cash along mostly when on a vacation.

As a digital marketer/entrepreneur, whether you want to pay for Fiverr gigs, shop online on AliExpress, pay for web hosting service, pay for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google ads, pay for Elon Musk Starlink, pay for Visa or on a vacation, the flexibility of the UBA AfriCard makes life easier for you.

Also, sending funds from one card to another would have meant going to the bank and queuing up, but with the Card and a service like fnfSwap, your card funding process gets better as your card will he funded in less than 15 minutes – no matter the country you are from.

With lots to say – as seen here, in today’s guide, we want to systematically see how you can load the UBA Dollar Prepaid Card Online.

Let’s cut the chase and get started.

How to Fund the UBA Dollar Visa AfriCard Online

There are many tactics to funding your AfriCard, but to make it short, I am going to enlist the top 5 preferred ways to easily fund your AfriCard online and offline. 

Therefore, whether you are from Nigeria, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Burkina Faso, Chad, Côte d’Ivoire, Liberia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Uganda, kindly follow the steps below to fund your AfriCard and start using it for your online transactions.  

Let’s start with the Dollar to Card method.

Method 1 – Fund AfriCard from Domiciliary Account

Now, if you have the UBA Domiciliary Dollar account with funds in it, walk into the UBA banking hall and request that Dollar funds be moved to your AfriCard.

Pros of Funding using Dom Account

  • You don’t need to spend money on getting new funds.

Cons of using Dom Account

  • You might waste time at the banking hall.
  • Funding might not reflect immediately until processed.
  • Manually application for funds transfer can be draining.

To get started, based on the setting of the bank in your country, but in Nigeria, you can do this by applying manually in writing, and addressing the Branch Manager. See a sample below.

[To the top left of the A4 paper]

The Branch Manager

UBA, Liberia Road, Heritage Tower

Garki, Nigeria

[to the top right]

Your Home Address

City, State


[middle left]

Dear Sir/ma

Application to Move funds from Dom Account to AfriCard

Request for the movement of funds in your own words. When done, close the letter by writing “yours faithfully”, endorse with your signature, and enter your phone number.

When done, submit it to the customer care and the funds will be processed and moved from Domiciliary Dollar account to your AfriCard.


Method 2 – Fund with FnfSwap – Best Method & Cheapest Rate

FnfSwap is a digital service that helps clients like you fund UBA AfriCard, Wise, and Wallet.Africa Card wallet.

Therefore, with fnfSwap, you can fund your AfriCard in less than 1-15 minutes – all done online – and the funding will reflect instantly. No need to queue and waste time at the bank.

The good thing is that they have various methods for funding for clients from anywhere in the world. If you’re from Nigeria, you can pay Naira and they will fund Dollars to your AfriCard.

And if you are from another African UBA Africard enabled country, you can fund using cryptocurrency, preferably USDT, LTC, or BNB. Let’s see how funding works for Nigerians – those paying Naira for USD AfriCard funding.  

Step 1. Contact fnfSwap and request funding order – stating the quantity/order

Step 2. Get the transaction agreement and pay the local currency equivalent.

Step 3. provide your Customer ID and Last Name

Step 4. Get your card funded in less than 15 minutes. That’s all.

 Click here to contact FnfSwap


Method 3 – Load UBA Prepaid Card with Cryptocurrency

The top preferred crypto assets required to fund your AfriCard with fnfSwap are USDT, LTC, or BNB. And the exchange rate is $1-$1 AfriCard fund.

For instance, $50 USDT coin will be $50 AfriCard funds. To get started with the funding. You have the option to use Binance P2P, and if you can’t make use of it, follow the steps’ below.

Step 1. Contact fnfSwap and request funding order – stating the quantity/order

Step 2. Get the transaction agreement and the cryptocurrency wallet to fund

Step 3. Send the transaction ID for both party confirmation

Step 3. Provide your Customer ID and Last Name

Step 4. Get your card funded in less than 15 minutes. That’s all.

Click here to contact FnfSwap for African Countries Card Funding]


Method 4 – Fund from Dollar Currency Traders [BDC traders]

You can contact currency traders in your country, city or vicinity and buy Dollar using local currency.

Having purchased the Dollar, take it to any UBA branch closest to you, fill in the deposit slip, enter your customer ID in place of the account number, enter the amount you’ve got, and submit to the cashier for funding.

In the course of time, the card will be funded.


Method 5 – Load from another Cardholder

 If you have a loved one that has AfriCard funds, the cardholder can move funds to you by either using the UBA mobile application or the AfriCard Portal at gtpsecurecard. If you want a guide on this, see the steps here.

Those are the top 5 ways to load your UBA AfriCard.  


How To Fund the Naira AfriCard [Applicable to other African Countries]

Method 1. Move Naira funds from your UBA account via Internet banking and fund the AfriCard.

Method 2. Walk into the UBA Banking Hall, fill the deposit slip with your card details and submit the local currency cash for funding.


How To Set Up the UBA AfriCard Portal

With your UBA AfriCard, you can also access the prepaid card customer interface portal to manage card operations.

In the AfriCard web portal, you can change password, transfer funds to cardholders, contact customer care, check card activity, download cared statement and more.

To create and set up the account, follow these steps.


How Much Is UBA AfriCard Maintenance Fee?

The Annual card convenience fee for the card is $20 with VAT exclusive. For other fees, the international ATM withdrawal fee is 0.6%, while the Original Credit Transaction Flow – OCT is 1.5% – this is the card fee when you withdraw funds from A PLATFORM like PayPal.


How To Check Balance on UBA AfriCard

Go to, enter your username, password and login. Look at the top middle dashboard and you will see your account balance.

Alternatively, you can check your balance by downloading the UBA app and integrating your AfriCard details. From there, you can manage balance and other Card transactions.


How to Access the UBA AfriCard Login Page

Go to, enter your username, password and login.

Most frequent questions and answers

No, UBA does not sell dollar at the Bank. At least, this is the case in Nigeria. But for other African nations, do well to ask and ascertain their stand.

No, you can’t. I mean, Naira can’t be deposited into your Dollar Prepaid Card.

What to do rather is to go to fnfSwap, give them Naira and they will fund tour Prepaid Car for you – instantly and without going to the bank.

Yes, the UBA Prepaid Card comes in Dollar denominated variant and local currency variant. For Nigerians, that’s, the Naira and Dollar AfriCard.

The UBA Dollar Prepaid Card is FREE upon request, but there are applicable fees for the activation and other finance operations.

The card has a daily limit of $1,500, while the monthly limit is capped at $10,000.

You do this by swapping local currency for Dollars and the card will be funded. You can do this at the banking hall, or using a digital service like fnfSwap.

Yes, you can. Meet fnfSwap for a swift service.

You can withdraw the funds from the card. Kindly meet fnfSwap for the swap, and if you are not from Nigeria, contact your bank for the steps involved or talk to fnfSwap service. 


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