UBA Dollar Prepaid Card & withdrawal

UBA Dollar Prepaid Card – How to Send, Fund & Withdraw USD

The United Bank of Africa created the UBA Dollar Prepaid Card as a standalone card for everyone – both UBA and non-customers to provide faster and more international money transaction services.

The card gives the flexibility to spend what you load on it and helps manage your finance better as your private banking details are safe on the internet (since the card is not linked to a Bank account).

Being able to use the card on millions of retail outlets all over the world, and helping freelancers, digital marketers, and bloggers withdraw from PayPal are some of the main reasons the UBA Dollar prepaid card became one of the biggest international money transfer cards for online payments and shopping in Africa and Nigeria.

They now have tens of thousands of users in Africa and millions of transfers occur through the UBA Dollar Prepaid Cards (both Naira and Dollar variants).

Keep reading our UBA Dollar Prepaid Card Review to learn more about its features, fees, and ultimately how to send & withdraw money to Naira.


What is the UBA Dollar Prepaid Card?

The UBA Dollar prepaid card is a pre-funded and re-loadable Dollar card that is accepted both locally and internationally at all Visa acceptance points (ATM, POS & web). It is a stress-free, quick and easy medium for online business transactions both locally and internationally.


  • It is available to both UBA & non-UBA customers.
  • The UBA Dollar prepaid card exchange rate is higher than the Local Bank rate; you get the best exchange rate.
  • Both individuals and businesses can use the card. 
  • You can move funds from PayPal to the card instantly.
  • You can use it for payment of online subscriptions, social media, and digital ad platforms/services.  
  • You can spend up to $10,000 monthly with the card.
  • You can move funds to another UBA Dollar prepaid card user.


  • 1.5% of transaction inflow amount from platforms like PayPal and etc.
  • It doesn’t support all 3D platforms and users cannot transfer funds to these services.
  • You can only load the card by buying Dollar funds from the black market, from your Dom account, or withdrawing from your online earnings.

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Is the UBA Dollar Prepaid Card Safe?

The UBA Dollar Prepaid Card is a secure international Visa card that gives you unraveled online transaction protection.

The security operations team/ Customer Fulfillment Centre (CFC) at UBA will at any time suspend, restrict or cancel your Card or refuse to issue or replace a Card for reasons relating to concerns about the security of your account or Cards, or if they suspect your account is being used in an unauthorized or fraudulent manner.

The Card agreement is governed by the Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria including laws pertaining to money laundering, CBN regulations, guidelines, and other applicable laws in Nigeria.

Therefore, they reserve the right to terminate this agreement immediately upon suspicion of false information or a fraudulent /criminal act is ascertained against you.


 Features of the Prepaid Card

  • Desktop Compatibility & Mobile Application

You can use the UBA Dollar Prepaid Card both on desktop and mobile devices. The UBA mobile app which is available for free on iOS and Android devices enables the seamless usage of the card. Just like many mobile banking apps, it is intuitive and easy to use.

  • Personal Portal Account

As a user, you can manage your card transaction using a dedicated portal known as the GtpSecureCard.

  • Withdraw from PayPal
  • Shop online
  • Card-to-Card transfer to users.
  • Pay for subscriptions and ad platforms.


UBA Dollar Prepaid Card Fees

  • Opening and maintaining a Card account with UBA is free, and it doesn’t involve a monthly cost. However, you will be charged $3.15% (VAT Exclusive) as a Card issuance fee.
  • The annual card convenience fee (VAT Exclusive) is $20.
  • SMS alerts cost $0.01. The International ATM withdrawal fee is 0.6% of the Transaction Amount subject to a minimum of $3.5 per ATM withdrawal (VAT Exclusive).
  • OCT inflow (original credit transaction inflow from platforms such as PayPal, etc costs 1.5% of Transaction Inflow Amount (VAT Exclusive).


Requirements & Documents for UBA Dollar Prepaid Card

To get the UBA card, go to the bank with the following documents:

  • One passport photograph
  • ID card
  • Utility Bill (Nepa or Water bill)
  • BVN


How to get a UBA Dollar Prepaid Card

Before transferring the money from one customer to another and getting access to all the services of the Dollar prepared card, you will have to get the Card first (and set up a card account if you want).

Getting the Prepared Card in Nigeria is a straightforward process. See the steps below.

  • Visit any UBA Branch to get one instantly.
  • Request for “UBA Dollar Prepaid Card”.
  • Fill out the application form with your documents.
  • Submit the form & wait for the card print/issuance.
  • Get the card & confirm that your name is spelled correctly.
  • Fund it for the activation process.
  • Start using it.

Note: The Prepaid Card has a dollar sign on top of it, so, observe.

Uba dOLLAR prepared CARD


How to Activate UBA Africard Dollar Card in 4 Steps

1. Sign the Prepaid Card

Sign the reverse of the card where you have a signature panel.

Uba prepared cliet ID CARD

2. Detach the Prepaid Card to reveal the PIN

Gently detach the Prepared Card to reveal the PIN – attached to the A4 paper.

Note: the first PIN is your ATM 🏧 PIN. The second is your WEB PORTAL CODE – to be used online. So, the PIN for activation is the first one – which is the ATM PIN.

3. Fund the Card.

(If it was a Naira card, you could fund it via the UBA mobile app, UBA internet banking, or USSD, but since it is a dollar card, you only load either it by buying Dollar funds from an external source or by moving funds from your DOM account – that is if you have one and money in the account. See the complete funding steps below (as we go on).  

4. Activate the Card at an ATM point.

After loading the card, activate your card by changing your default PIN on the A4 paper to your preferred PIN – at any UBA ATM point in the country.


How to Fund & Deposit Money into the UBA Africard Dollar Card

While are over 4 preferred ways to easily fund your AfriCard online and offline, to do it fast, all you need to do is exchange equivalent Naira value with a trusted merchat and get your card funded instantly without queuing at the bank.

1. Buy USD from a Merchant or Local Currency Exchangers

You can purchase the funds at the black market or check out fnfSwap and request to fund your card and  it will be done instantly without the stress of looking for and buying it at the black-market high rate.

If your Card is funded by fnfSwap, you will get an instant alert. However, if you are buying from an Aboki to fund at the bank, continue at step 2.

2. Fill Out a Deposit Slip and Pay Over the Counter.

After getting the Dollar funds from the BDC guys, fill the deposit with your details – the account number is your client ID – found at the back of the card – that is, the 10 digits number.

Fill in other details and hand over everything to the bank personnel for it to be funded.

3. Get a Funding Alert

Immediately after the bank personnel funds the card, you will get an email or SMS alert of a successful Prepared Card funding.

Note – bank alert might not be instant as compared to funding with fnfSwap. 

Kindly follow the steps below to swiftly fund your Afri USD card with fnfSwap.


How to Load your UBA Dollar Prepaid Card with fnfSwap💱 

fnfSwap by IsuaWealthyPlace Publishers helps you swap prepaid Dollar Card Funds for instant payment at a high rate.

Not just that, they also help you fund your UBA Dollar Prepaid Card without the strenuous work of looking for a BDC exchanger to buy physical dollars or paying higher than the black-market rate.

So, when you want to fund your card, check for Dollar Card funds availability with fnfSwap.

Here is how to get started funding your Dollar AfriCard.

  1. Go here to see how the funding process works.
  2. Contact them for the order you want.
  3. Drop your client ID details and Last name on the card.
  4. Get your card funded.


How to Move & Withdraw Funds from PayPal to UBA Dollar Prepaid Card

move funds from PayPal to UBA Dollar Prepared Card

1. Make sure you’ve activated and loaded your card with funds.

(Note – without loading your card with funds and activating it, linking it to PayPal will get it declined).

UBA Prepaid card not working on PayPal

2. Link the Dollar Prepaid Card to PayPal.


3. Go to “Transfer Money” on your PayPal account > Select move to Card.

Features of the Prepared Card

4. Enter the amount you want to move from your PayPal Balance to the Card.

Activate UBA Dollar Prepared Card

5. Click on Continue to make the transfer.

6. You will receive the money instantly and alert.

How to Send and Withdraw Dollar from PayPal in Nigeria


How to Send money to another UBA Dollar Prepaid Card Holder/User

Did you know you can send money to another user either by using the UBA mobile app or the web portal? Yes, you can. Let’s see how to do it using the UBA Card portal method.

  1. Log in to your get gtpsecurecard.com/UBA/Login account.

If you are new, just click on Set up New Account” and follow the prompts to get it set up.

  1. Look at the top right (on a mobile phone) or top left if on a computer by clicking the Menu and go to “Card to Card Transfer”.
  2. Enter the details of the recipient.
  3. Click on confirm to make the transfer
  4. Enter the transfer code sent to your phone to finally endorse the transfer.


How to Withdraw Money from your UBA Dollar Prepaid Card

(If you were to use the Naira Prepared Card, withdrawal from PayPal to your bank account would be according to the local bank exchange rate of about N418/$, meaning, the bank will have taken a significant part of your money.

But with the dollar card, you get your funds at a considerable high rate for Naira/USD.

Having seen how to withdraw funds from PayPal – and we are confident the funds are right there in your Card already, here are the steps to getting the funds moved instantly without wasting time.

Can I withdraw Africard Funds at the Banking Hall?

Yes. Here are the conditions.

#1. If your funds were loaded at the bank and #2. did not come from PayPal, then go to the bank and request for funds withdrawal and you will be issued the money. But if from PayPal, then you can’t withdraw over the counter.

What do to, to get Naira. Check out fnfSwap and Swap for Naira.

 Swap Prepaid Dollar Card Funds to Naira with fnfSwap

As far as you have your Dollar fund in your UBA Prepaid Card, fnfSwap will exchange it for you at the best market rate above the local or other third-party exchangers.

With fnfSwap UBA Dollar Prepaid Card funds exchange:

  • You DON’T waste time at the bank. You get paid instantly, and if the payment exceeds 15 minutes, you get a $1 apology fund.
  • Your funds are processed from $> ₦ at a go.
  • You DON’T need to have a Domiciliary account.
  • You DON’T need references and other miscellaneous.
  • You can swap as low as $10.

Let’s now see how to withdraw/move the funds to fnfSwap for exchange.  


How to Withdraw Money from UBA Dollar Prepaid Card in Nigeria

Withdraw from UBA Dollar Prepaid Card to Naira

1. Log in to your Card Portal or Mobile App

To log into your card portal, go to https://www.gtpsecurecard.com/UBA/Login and enter your details.

uba africard dollar card

If you are a new user, click on “set up a new account to get started”.

Username – this is what you set up during the registration process.

Passcode – this is the new PASSWORD you choose during the registration/setup process.

When you enter these 2 details, click on Login to log into your UBA Dollar Card account.

2. Go to Card-to-Card Transfer

Look at your Top Right (on a mobile phone) or Top Left if on a computer by clicking the Menu and go to “Card to Card Transfer”.

How Withdraw Money from Uba Dollar Prepaid Card

3. Endorse the transaction.

Click on “Confirm” to proceed with the transfer operation.

UBA Dollar Prepaid Card Fees

4. Enter “fnfSwap Card details”.

Recipient Last Name – use – OFFIONG.

Customer ID – use – 0013737018

Amount – enter the amount you wish to exchange.

Note – you can only move $300 per transaction. So, if you want to exchange $600 for instance, you will have to move the funds 2 times ($300 per time/transaction). See below.

What is the UBA Dollar Prepaid Card

When done, click on “Confirm” to continue.  

5. Enter the Transfer code

Instantly, you will get an SMS to the phone number linked with your Prepaid Card account.

Now, go ahead and enter the “transfer code” sent to your phone to finally process the transfer.

Done – you will receive an alert that you’ve moved $250 to fnfSwap.

How to Send and Withdraw Dollar from PayPal in Nigeria

6.  Get your funds instantly in Naira at a high rate

fnfSwap Transaction Proofs 9

That is all about withdrawing Money from UBA Dollar Prepaid Card in Nigeria.

>> Click here to exchange with fnfSwap 💱.

>> Click here to ask questions.


UBA Prepaid Card Customer Support

You can contact the customer support team at UBA Prepared Card through email, phone, and office address.

You can write to them at Head, Prepaid Card UBA House, 57 Marina, Lagos, Nigeria, or call them at Tel: 01-2808822, 08002255822, 07002255822. The phone support is available from Monday to Friday, but it’s also helpful and quick. 

You also have the option to send them an email via cfc@ubagroup.com.



The UBA Dollar Prepaid Card is one of the best options to withdraw PayPal money and transfer the same from one user to another.

Luckily, it transfers money instantly from PayPal and takes the same second to reach your Dollar Card.

Besides having the flexibility of using to fund your online shopping, it transfers money in a simple and secure way.

FAQ about the UBA Prepaid Card?

What is a UBA Dollar Prepaid Card?

The UBA Dollar Prepaid Card is a pre-funded Dollar variant card. It is accepted both locally and internationally at all Visa acceptance points (ATM, POS & web) and is dependent on the type of prepaid card.

How many UBA Prepaid Cards are available?

There are three (3) popular types which are the Naira, Corporate, and Dollar variant Prepared UBA Cards. Other unknown card variants are Gift cards, Salary cards, Expense cards, and Co-branded.

How do I Activate my UBA Prepaid Cards?

You can activate your prepaid card at any UBA ATM close to you using the ATM PIN on the pin mailer that comes with the card. All you need to do is select the ‘Change PIN’ option on the ATM, include the default PIN, and change it to your desired PIN.

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