UBA AfriCard Dollar Exchange Rate, Fees + Daily Transaction Limits

Some of the frequently asked questions I get always from the UBA AfriCard Dollar users are “what are the UBA AfriCard dollar rate and daily transaction limit”.

Well, ordinarily, these questions wouldn’t have been a big deal, but most travelers on vacations, freelancers working on PayPal, and online shoppers want to be aware of the fees associated with using their credit cards overseas, and of course, the exchange rate when swapping their Dollar for Naira/local currency.

Luckily, there is a clear definition of the UBA AfriCard Dollar exchange rates and limits so you know the fees when transacting.


UBA Prepaid Card Fees

Now, kindly note that the currency conversion charge is imposed by the Central Bank of a particular country, while the administrative fee is imposed by the bank or the parent card company issuing the card to United Bank for Africa.

Thankfully, the fees are usually disclosed by the issuing bank in the cardholder agreement – as seen on the A4-paper document that came along with your AfriCard.  

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Here’s a typical breakdown of the UBA AfriCard fees and transaction limits.

Card Issuance Fee$3.15
Re-issuance Fee3.31 (VAT inclusive)
SMS Alert Fee$0.01
International Withdrawal Fee0.6% – subject to Minimum $3.15 per ATM
Original Credit Transaction Inflow1.5%
Transfer From Account$0.15 + VAT
Card to Card Transfer$0.15 + VAT
Annual Card Convenience Fee$20 [VAT Exclusive]

UBA Dollar Prepaid Card Transaction Limits

There are 5 popular types of UBA Dollar Prepaid Card Transaction Limits, the Maximum Card Load Limits, Card to Card Transfers, Max Per Transaction Limits, 24 hours, and Monthly Maximum Transaction Limits.

Maximum Card Load Limits

  • Per transaction limit – $10,000
  • Daily Card Load transaction limit – $10,000
  • Monthly Load Limits – $10,000
  • Quarterly Load Limits – $10,000
  • Card to Card Transfers – $1,500

Max Per Transaction Limit[s]

  • ATM Transactions – $650
  • POS Transactions – $3,000
  • Online Transactions – $2,500

Maximum 24-hour Transaction Limit[s]

  • ATM Transactions – $3,000
  • POS Transactions – $10,000
  • Online Transactions – $2,500

Monthly Maximum Transaction Limit[s]

  • ATM Transactions – $10,000
  • POS Transactions – $10,000
  • Online Transactions – $10,000


How Do Card Associations Determine Foreign Exchange Rates?

According to thinmargin.com, card companies like Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and UnionPay calculate blended exchange rates from a range of sources such as wholesale currency markets or government-mandated rates, then make these rates available to the issuing banks.

Unlike with Crypto, for cards, the issuing banks may then adjust the exchange rates further in your credit card bill. The rates from card associations are usually made available to the issuing banks one business day prior to the processing date.

Thus, as a retail consumer, there is no way to know in advance the exact foreign exchange rates that will be applied to your overseas credit card transaction.

Let’s go on.


UBA AfriCard Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate

Let’s now see a typical UBA AfriCard Dollar exchange rate breakdown – based on the current market rate – you can always monitor the current UBA rate using the same link.

AfriCard Dollar FundsBuyingSelling

Quick clarifications are below.

Does UBA Sell Dollars to Customers?

No. UBA does not sell AfriCard funds to customers.


Can you Withdraw AfriCard Dollar Funds from UBA?

Yes, you can, if you have a Domiciliary account and if the funds are not an inflow from PayPal. In summary, if you moved/transferred funds from PayPal to your AfriCard, you can’t request a withdrawal at the bank as it won’t be honored – this is applicable for Nigerian users.

Let’s go ahead to see the UBA AfriCard Dollar rate by fnfSwap.

P.S. – fnfSwap provides a digital service for swapping freelance PayPal-sourced funds via AfriCard, Wise, and more. You can learn more about it here.

Note – the rates are dynamic – and are of the time of writing. To get the latest, Connect with the team.

Selling – this rate is subject to the order amount.

UBA vs fnfSwap – Who gives better AfriCard Exchange Rates?

AfriCard FundsUBAfnfSwap

What Is UBA AfriCard Used For?

The UBA AfriCard is used for international transactions with the dominant currency being the US Dollars. Some of the following platforms the card work on is as follows:

Excited already and want to get the card? See the requirements below.


UBA AfriCard Visa Card Requirements

Here is what you will need to get UBA AfriCard. 

  • National ID card
  • One passport photograph
  • Utility Bill (Water or Nepa Bill)
  • BVN
  • Must be 18 years old

What is the UBA AfriCard Issuance/Activation Charge?

The AfriCard activation fee for new cards carries a one-time fee of $3.15 only.

How Do I Fund UBA Dollar Prepaid Card?

Follow the steps outlined in the article. But the best is the swap with fnfSwap.

What is the UBA AfriCard Contact Phone Number?

If you have issues, use this phone number – +23416319822

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