Easily know the real market rate and convert Pi coin to Nigerian Naira

1 Pi coin equals ₦200 to ₦210 with local Pi Nigerian Naira exchangers, while the worth is ₦260 and close to ₦300/Pi with a Pi merchant like fnfSwap.

The final rate being based on the volume of Pi tokens to be sold. That is to say, the more the volume, the more the rate per Pi in Naira.

See the summary price table below.

Pi Coin Volume Pi Worth in Naira
50-99 Pi Coin Tokens ₦250+ per Pi
100-499 Pi Coin Tokens ₦265+ per Pi
500-999 Pi Coin Tokens ₦270+ per Pi
1,000-1,999 Pi Coin Tokens ₦275per Pi
Disclosure– Rate is subject to change, and for negotiations from 3,000+ Pi Coin Tokens
  • Given the current network size of over 30 million Pioneers and the expected volume of transactions and activities in the future, the Mainnet supply model has a clear maximum total supply of 100 billion Pi allowing incentivization of continued growth and new contributions while removing the concerns about the unpredictability of the supply. 
  • The supply distribution will honor the original distribution principle in the March 14, 2019, Whitepaper.
  • That is, the Pi community has 80%, and the Pi Core Team has 20% of the total circulating supply of Pi, regardless of how much-circulating supply there is in the Pi Network at any given point in time.

Thus, given a total max supply of 100 billion Pi, the community will eventually receive 80 billion Pi and the Core Team will eventually receive 20 billion Pi. pi coin price in naira


  • Additionally, the 80% of the community supply is further divided into 65% allocated for all past and future Pioneer mining rewards, at address GBQQRIQKS7XLMWTTRM2EPMTRLPUGQJDLEKCGNDIFGTBZG4GL5CHHJI25 on the Mainnet.
  • 10% will be reserved for supporting community organization and ecosystem building that will eventually be managed by a Pi Foundation, a non-profit organization in the future, at address GDPDSLFVGEPX6FJKGZXSTJCPTSKKAI4KBHBAQCCKQDXISW3S5SJ6MGMS.
  • And 5% reserved for the liquidity pool to provide liquidity for Pioneers and developers in the Pi ecosystem at address GB7HLN74IIY6PENSHHBBJJXWV6IZQDELTBZNXXORDGTL75O4KC5CUXEV.

The table below depicts a typical community supply distribution.

how to sell pi coin on Binance Nigeria


According to CoinMarketCap, the price displayed on its website reflects the value of the IOUs and it may not be transferable across exchanges.

pi worth in naira

In summary, the rates being offered by buyers and sellers are the parallel market rate for the actual Pi minted through the Pi Network mobile app.

The rate is influenced by the market forces in China, Vietnam, Korea, Nigeria etc. where Pi is being used for everyday transactions and speculative investment.

Therefore, the current “speculated price value” of Pi coin is $35.74. In the REAL black market, the rates are from ₦310-340+ per Pi token.

As we already explained in the Moving Pi Coin to Wallet Balance in Nigeria guide, the real worth of Pi to Naira is not yet determined because Pi is not yet officially available for trading even though listed on some global crypto market cap websites and exchanges like Huobi, SuperEx, and the likes.

Therefore, you cannot Sell Pi Coin on Binance, or any crypto exchanges until its mainset launch.

You can follow the Pi pages to see possible announcements.

However, the good news is that you can still sell your Pi coins and get USDT into your Binance Crypto wallet.

Want to trade Pi for USDT on Binance? If yes, see how to do it here in detail.

How to Sell Pi & Get Naira without Being Scammed by Local Pi Traders

Selling your Pi coins with fnfSwap is the secure and 100% assured way to go “if and only if (iff)” – you want to Safely Sell Pi Coin for Naira sent to your Bank account in Nigeria without being Scammed. Follow the steps below to do that.

With so many illegal and scamming Pi coin buyers out there (mostly on Twitter) with outrageous rates, it is only wise/advisable to do thorough research (DYOR) about the credibility of any local exchanger.

But if you want to avoid any form of uncertainty and trade your Pi coin for Naira and get money in real-time to your Nigerian bank account, then you want to use a well-established and known merchant like fnfSwap Digital Freelance Service.

They have done a series of pi transactions for other Pi Coins traders, so, no fears about it.

 And it is pretty simple to get started with fnfSwap for Pi for Naira trading. See below.

  • Meet the fnfSwap Team.
  • Get the Pi Coin to Naira Price/volume list
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Some of the Pi to Naira swap with fnfSwap Digital.

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Selling your Pi coins with fnfSwap is the secure and 100% assured way to go “if and only if (iff)” – you want to Safely Sell Pi Coin for Naira sent to your Bank account in Nigeria without being Scammed. Follow the steps below to do that.

FAQ about Where to Sell Pi Coins in Nigeria

1 Pi coin worth in Naira with local vendors is approximately ₦210/$ white 1 Pi Coin is worth up to ₦270+ with fnfSwap digital.

Right now, there is no approved calculator for Pi to Naira (what you see on the internet are speculators). For your convenience, we’ve created a reference table for the most popular conversions by volume.

For example, with fnfSwap freelance, 500-999 Pi Coin Tokens go for ₦320+ per Pi, and 1,000-2,999 Pi Coin Tokens go for ₦339+ per Pi.

Sell your Pi coins with fnfSwap

Several crypto assets have similar and relative market caps to Pi USD. However, we always recommend you invest in the top cryptocurrencies which are popular and widely accepted.

Such coins include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (NB), Ripple (RP), Litecoin (LTC), etc. as available on the top market cap coins list.  

If you are wondering where to buy all of these coins, you can do that on Binance or Bybit.

Pi USD is NOT currently available for purchase on coin exchanges. The ones listed reflect the value of the IOUs and they may not be transferable across exchanges

Pi Network was founded in 2018 by two Stanford University academics, Nicolas Kokkalis and Chengdiao Fan, with a whitepaper and app coming on 14 March the following year.

As Pi can’t yet be traded, it currently holds no value, said Susannah Streeter, senior investment, and markets analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown. Would you want to bank on this information This is left for you – at your discretion.

The Nigerian Black-market value of Pi ranges from ₦290 per Pi to ₦300+ per Pi token.

Many experts think it is too early to determine this. Why? Because, as with all new cryptocurrency and digital coin projects, it’s difficult to know for sure whether it’s legitimate or a scam.

According to Ms Streeter, “be careful about handing over more personal data than you’re comfortable sharing. The app is also built on “highly nascent and unproven technology.”

She said: “Although lofty promises are made there is zero guarantee this network will have a future.

“It is far too early to tell if the coins being earned will be worth anything.

“Because of this users should be wary of committing too much time to the app and be happy with the level of personal data they are handing over.”

So far, the all-time high of Pi since it was launched. Stands at $330.65. You can monitor the rate here.

Alternatives to Pi Coins


usdt coin

USDT is a global currency which is designed to be = to the USD.


BNB is the crypto coin that powers the BNB Chain ecosystem.

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