Thinking where to Sell Pi Network Coin in Nigeria for USDT? If yes, then you're at the right place.

If you’re a Pi coin pioneer, you might want to consider selling your Pi tokens for USDT or other assets on Binance.

The P2P Coins section on Binance has become the home for many private sellers and merchant dealers.

Not only does Binance have the largest audience in the world, but it’s also the most popular crypto site with the most digital assets, but the question is, is Pi coin listed on the Binance P2P section or marketplace for a swap?

By the way, I talked about “Pi Coin Pioneer”.

For context, a pioneer is a Pi user of the Pi mobile app who is simply confirming that they are not a “robot” daily. How?

By validating their presence every time by signing in to the app. You can learn more about it in detail here.

No, you cannot sell or exchange Pi coins on the Binance P2P marketplace because it is not officially listed for trading.

As in, it has no trading pairs on the Binance crypto site (yet). And unfortunately, Binance is currently banned in Nigeria. But the good news? See below.

Originally, you can easily sell your Pi tokens and get the Naira equivalent, however, if you want to sell Pi Coins and get USDT on Binance Exchange, then fnfSwap Nigeria will still; help you do that.

That is to say, instead of giving you Naira, you get USDT if that is what you want in place of your Pi coins.

Kindly note that the Pi coin has no official price/rate yet. What is seen on the internet are speculative rates which are not endorsed by the Pi project’s team.

The big question?

First off, to sell Pi Coins and get USDT, the minimum Pi coins sell volume is 1,500 Pi tokens.

That is to say, if you want to get USDT in place of Naira for Pi exchange, then, the minimum volume threshold is 1,500 Pi tokens for USDT.

And in case you don’t have up to this yet, keep in mind that you can always sell your Pi coins for Naira at a good exchange rate and experience.

Pi Coin Volume → 1,500

@ Naira Rate → 290/Pi

Total USDT to receive → $350

∴ 1,500 Pi Coins @ the prevailing  exchange rate = $350

As in, you get $350 for 1,500 Pi coins.

Note – USDT funding rate & Pi exchange rates are subject to change. Both of these shall be communicated to you at the point of exchange/transaction unless the market exchange rate is the same as depicted above.

Meaning, that the USDT value you get can be more or less – based on the prevailing exchange market rates.


Other Pi to USDT Exchange Rate Table

  • 1600s Pi >> $360s
  • 1700s Pi >> $390s
  • 1900s Pi >> $440s
  • 2,000s Pi >> $470s
  • 2,200s Pi >> $520s
  • 2,500s Pi >> $590s

How to Sell Pi Coins and get USDT on Binance Exchange

Let’s see how to sell Pi coins and get Naira or USDT on Binance. And note, apart from Binance, you can get your funds on another crypto platform. 

1. Agree on Pi/Naira or Pi/USDT Rate

The first step to exchanging your Pi coins is to agree on the rate you are willing to sell your Pi coins for. Secondly, decide if you want the Pi exchange equivalent payment in Naira or USDT. When agreed upon, move to the next step. 

2. Send the Pi Tokens

Having agreed on the rate you want to sell your Pi tokens, and of course, the receiving currency, go ahead and transfer the Pi coins to the wallet you will be given.

Just in case you do not know how to send the funds out from your pi wallet, see the steps here in detail on how to sell/transfer pi coins

3. Get USDT to your Binance Crypto Wallet

Having sent out the Pi funds and given the receipts as requested, kindly follow up and drop your Binance USDT Wallet or Binance email for the funds to be deposited.

And if you don’t have a Binance account yet, click here to open an account so we can easily use email and send you the USDT.

Ready to Sell Pi Coins and get USDT on Binance Exchange or Naira? If yes, get started below. 


We already stated that unfortunately, Binance is currently banned in Nigeria.

Now, if you are contemplating the crypto platform to use for daily transactions, then I recommend a good alternative as Bybit.

bybit for pi coins

Bybit is what I am currently using unless I want to do Binance-specific transactions, then I go with Binance. Apart from that, the Bybit crypto platform works pretty well as Binance.

To get started with Bybit, download the app from the Apps Store first since the government does not allow Bybit site access.

Download for Android | Download for ios

Having downloaded it, on the signup page, use my reference code “ZYDZOK” – to sign up at no extra cost to you.


And if you already have it, you can go ahead and use it in place of Binance.

Sign up for a Bybit account and claim exclusive rewards from the Bybit referral program! Plus, claim up to 6,045 USDT bonus at

Set up on Bybit

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Some of the Pi to Naira swap with fnfSwap Digital.

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And more…Get started below to sell your coins.


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FAQ about Where to Sell Pi Coins in Nigeria

There is no official pi coin exchange platform, but in Nigeria, you can use a freelance digital service like fnfSwap to sell your Pi coins and get Naira or USDT.

You can’t sell it directly as the trading pairs are not available, however, you can do that by selling via a freelance service like fnfSwap Nigeria. 

Yes, Pi coin is listed, but not for trading. 

Pi Network was founded in 2018 by two Stanford University academics, Nicolas Kokkalis and Chengdiao Fan, with a whitepaper and app coming on 14 March the following year.

As Pi can’t yet be traded, it currently holds no value, said Susannah Streeter, senior investment, and markets analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown. Would you want to bank on this information This is left for you – at your discretion.

The Nigerian Black-market value of Pi ranges from ₦320+ per Pi to ₦300+ per Pi token.

Many experts think it is too early to determine this. Why? Because, as with all new cryptocurrency and digital coin projects, it’s difficult to know for sure whether it’s legitimate or a scam.

According to Ms Streeter, “be careful about handing over more personal data than you’re comfortable sharing. The app is also built on “highly nascent and unproven technology.”

She said: “Although lofty promises are made there is zero guarantee this network will have a future.

“It is far too early to tell if the coins being earned will be worth anything.

“Because of this users should be wary of committing too much time to the app and be happy with the level of personal data they are handing over.”

So far, the all-time high of Pi since it was launched. Stands at $330.65. You can monitor the rate here.

Alternatives to Pi Coins


usdt coin

USDT is a global currency which is designed to be = to the USD.


BNB is the crypto coin that powers the BNB Chain ecosystem.

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