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fnfswap FAQ

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With Company Number 14550534, The Registrar of Companies for England and Wales, hereby certifies that ISUAWEALTHYPLACE PUBLISHERS LTD is incorporated under the Companies Act 2006 as a private company, that the company is limited by shares, and the situation of its registered office is in England and Wales authenticated by the Registrar of Companies under section 1115 of the Companies Act 2006.

In Nigeria, with the BN: 3560824, IsuaWealthyPlace Publishers, is a legal and registered Business with the Corporate Affairs Commission in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

So, yes, they are a real, legitimate, and growing small business.

Funding by fnfSwap takes 1-15 minutes Maximum.
Yes, we can do that.
Swapping Africard USD Funds for Naira takes 1-15 minutes Maximum.
Zero fees. fnfSwap does not charge any fees for funding or swapping AFRI card Funds.
Yes, we can.
Funding takes 1-45 minutes Maximum – for confirmation.
Swapping Wise Funds takes 1-15 minutes Maximum.
Swapping Skrill Funds takes 1-15 minutes Maximum.
Yes, we can – based on the Agreed Terms, Conditions, and sensitivity of the transaction.


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