Whether you want to shop online on AliExpress, pay for Digital ads, Elon Musk’s Starlink, Visa, or WES, and spend money abroad when on vacation, the best and most flexible card you need for all of these is the UBA AfriCard or popular called the UBA Prepaid Dollar Card.

The good thing with this card is that it is standalone, I mean, it is not linked to your bank account, and it is valid for all African Countries UBA – United Bank for Africa – is operational.

Now, note that if you want to perform local transactions, you want to go for the local currency-denominated card and if international, the Dollar card version is the best bet.

In this guide, we have so much to talk about. I mean, we will see what the UBA AfriCard is, the transaction limits, features, pros, and cons, how it works, how to link it to PayPal, the funding process, and ultimately, how to activate it – ready for online transactions of all sorts.

Without further ado, let’s get started by defining what the card is all about.


What Is the UBA AfriCard?

AfriCard, also known as UBA AfriCard is an international Visa Debit Prepaid card with a wide range of acceptance worldwide.

The AfriCard is issued and managed through the UBA in Africa. Meaning, it works in all UBA-eligible African countries.


Is UBA AfriCard the Same as Prepaid Card?

Yes, the AfriCard is the Same as the Prepaid Card. Other names for it include “UBA Dollar AfriCard, UBA Visa AfriCard, UBA AfriCard Visa Card, and Afri Visa Card.

In summary, they are the same card, it all depends on the currency denomination – if in local or foreign currency – US dollars. 


Types of UBA AfriCard  uba africard paypal

The AfriCard comes in 2 types; the local and the Dollar variants. And depending upon the intent and purpose of getting the card, the UBA AfriCard is categorized as follows:


The Local Currency – Naira AfriCard

The Naira AfriCard is a Naira Denominated card which means the transaction currency is in Naira – eligible for Naira local transactions. The same applies to other local African Country Currencies.


The International Currency Dollar AfriCard

The Dollar AfriCard is a USD Denominated card that is only eligible for USD International transactions.


How Does the UBA AfriCard Work?

To use the UBA AfriCard, users must first of all “fund the card” after collection at the bank and Change the Default pin using any of the UBA ATM points to undergo the full activation process. From there, users can send and receive funds to one another, link to PayPal, and make online transactions.

For online transactions, the AfriCard Visa Debit card works basically like a check. The amount of your purchase is deducted directly from your checking account.


What Are the Benefits of UBA AfriCard?

With your AfriVisa Card, you can access your funds 24/7 and make purchases at tons of locations that accept Visa – Naira for local transactions and USD for international transactions.

You can use your AfriCard to:

  • Place an order online.
  • The Card works with legible PayPal Accounts.
  • Get money out of an ATM using your PIN.
  • You can move funds to another user easily using the assigned card portal.
  • Swipe or insert (chip) your card at merchants that don’t require a signature.
  • You get the added security of Visa’s Zero Liability Policy—which protects you from fraudulent charges.
  • Helps in payment of premium stuff like Visas, WES, Hosting, and Digital Ads.
  • The AfriCard can be managed using mobile apps and desktop platforms.


Features of the UBA Visa AfriCard

  • The UBA Visa prepaid is a physical card and not a virtual one.
  • It is an independent card – not linked to a normal bank account
  • The card is valid for 3 years.
  • It is linked to the cardholder’s account.
  • The card needs to be funded for activation before full usage.
  • Your AfriCard eliminates the risk and inconvenience of carrying cash and it cannot be stolen.
  • The card can be loaded from your existing Account via Internet Banking.
  • The Card has applicable fees and limits
  • Afri Visa Debit Cards are accepted in all ATM and POS terminals in Nigeria and Applicable African Countries.
  • Visa monitors activity on your debit card around the clock to help detect suspicious activity

What are the Pros and cons of the UBA AfriCard?


  • The UBA Card is not linked to your account.
  • It works for international payments.
  • It works with PayPal
  • You can move funds from user to user
  • Weeks for the payment of Visa and other relocation purposes.


  • There is a daily and monthly limits
  • Your funds can be stolen if your details are hijacked.

Eligibility to getting the Card

Both UBA Customers and non-customers who are 18 years and above can request, operate and maintain the UBA Visa AfriCard.


UBA AfriCard Visa Card Request Requirements

Here is what you will need to get UBA AfriCard. 

  • National ID card
  • One passport photograph
  • Utility Bill (Water or Nepa Bill)
  • BVN

Top Platforms the UBA AfriCard Works With

The following platforms work with the UBA Visa Prepaid Card from personal and fnfSwap clients’ usage.

  • Website Hosting and Domain services – works on Hostinger.
  • Digital Ad platforms – works for Facebook, Twitter, and Google/YouTube Ads.
  • International Shopping – works on AliExpress.
  • Relocation – works for WES and Visa payments.
  • School fees – works for international college payments, etc.
  • StarLink – works for the satellite payment.

How Much Does It Cost to Get the UBA AfriCard?

The AfriCard costs and fees will vary based on the African country, but for Nigerians, the cost of getting the card is FREE.

The activation fee for the Naira dominant is ₦2,000, while the USD-denominated  is $3.6 only.


How To Apply and Get Uba AfriCard

  • Walk down to any UBA branch, meet the customer care agent, and request the AfriCard form.
  • Fill in your details including your ID, utility bill, phone number, DOB, active email address etc.
  • Validate your BVN and wait for the card issuance.
  • Finally, receive the card from the customer care representative

P.S. – if you want to get the card online you can do that but kindly note that you will still need to submit it at the bank for documentation and validation process wherefore you will be issued the card. To download the AfriCard Request form, click here.


How To Activate UBA AfriCard Offline and Online

uba africard dollar cards

Upon the collection of the UBA Prepaid Card at the bank, follow these steps to activate it.

  • Confirm that your name is correctly spelled.
  • Detach the AfriCard from the accompanying A4 paper documents to reveal the pin and web code.

Africard Web Code

  • Sign the reverse of the card where you have the signature panel.

How to Activate UBA Prepaid Card Online & Offline Fast

  • Fund the card immediately [do not leave the banking shall without funding it]

You can fund your card by buying Dollars from Aboki at the black-market rate and taking it along to the bank, or you can join hundreds of others and fund it using fnfSwap.com.ng at a cheaper rate, online and instant

After funding your card cheaper with FnfSwap see the steps >> as we go on.

  • Go to any UBA ATM point, slot the card change the default pin as on the card to a new one.

Upon following the steps your card would have been verified. 

How to Activate UBA Prepaid Cards online

  • Enter the first 6 digits of your Prepaid Card.

How to Activate your UBA Prepaid Card Online

  • Click on “Check” to activate and validate your card. 

If the card is activated already, you will be redirected to the UBA portal card login page below.

uba visa prepaid card portal

That’s all about the card validation online.

However, the real activation process is by changing the default pin at the ATM or POS. Let’s move on.

How to Fund the UBA Dollar Visa AfriCard internationally

Whether you are from Nigeria, Ghana, or Burkina Faso, follow the steps below to fund your card.


Method 1 – fund AfriCard from Dollar Account

Now, if you have the UBA Domiciliary Dollar account with funds in it, walk into the UBA banking hall and request that Dollar funds be moved to your AfriCard.


Pros of Funding using Dom Account

  • You don’t need to spend money on getting new funds.

Cons of using Dom Account

  • You might waste time at the banking hall.
  • Funding might not reflect immediately until processed.
  • Manually application for funds transfer can be draining.

To get started, based on the setting of the bank in your country, but in Nigeria, you can do this by applying manually in writing, and addressing the Branch Manager. See a sample below.

[To the top left of the A4 paper]

The Branch Manager

UBA, Liberia Road, Heritage Tower

Garki, Nigeria

[to the top right]

Your Home Address

City, State


[middle left]

Dear Sir/ma

Application to Move funds from Dom Account to AfriCard

Request for the movement of funds in your own words. When done, close the letter by writing “yours faithfully”, endorse with your signature, and enter your phone number.

When done, submit it to the customer care and the funds will be processed and moved from Domiciliary Dollar account to your AfriCard.


Method 2 – fund from Dollar Currency Traders [BDC traders]

You can contact currency traders in your country and buy any dollar amount you want. When done, take it to the bank, fill in the deposit slip, enter your customer ID in place of the account number, enter the amount, and submit.

The funds will be funded to your AfriCard.


Method 3 – Fund with fnfSwap – Best Method and Cheapest Rate

FnfSwap is a digital service that helps clients like you fund UBA AfriCard, Wise, and Wallet.Africa Card wallet.

Therefore, with fnfSwap, you can fund your AfriCard in less than 1-15 minutes – all done online – and the funding will reflect instantly. No need to queue and waste time at the bank.

The good thing is that they have various methods for funding for clients from anywhere in the world. If you’re from Nigeria, you can pay Naira and they will fund Dollars to your AfriCard.

And if you are from another African UBA Africard enabled country, you can fund using cryptocurrency, preferably USDT, LTC, or BNB. Let’s see how funding works for Nigerians – those paying Naira for USD AfriCard funding.  

Step 1. Contact fnfSwap and request funding order – stating the quantity/order

Step 2. Get the transaction agreement and pay the local currency equivalent.

Step 3. provide your Customer ID and Last Name

Step 4. Get your card funded in less than 15 minutes. That’s all.

 Click here to contact fnfSwap


Method 4 – Fund with Cryptocurrency

  • Contact fnfSwap and give them USDT
  • Provide your Customer ID and Last Name.
  • Your card will be funded in less than 15 minutes.

Click here to contact fnfSwap.


Method 5 – Fund from another Cardholder

 If you have a loved one that has AfriCard funds, the cardholder can move funds to you.


How To Fund the Naira AfriCard [Applicable to other African Countries]

Method 1. Move Naira funds from your UBA account via Internet banking and fund the AfriCard.

Method 2. Walk into the UBA Banking Hall, fill in the deposit slip with your card details and submit the local currency cash for funding.

UBA AfriCard Daily and Monthly Transaction Limits

The UBA AfriCard Daily Card-to-Card transaction limit is $1,500, and the monthly transaction limit is $10,000. However, for the monthly limit, it is discovered from firsthand usage that it is rather a quarterly limit of $10,000 and not a monthly limit.

What that means is that each cardholder can transact only $10,000 per 3 months using his or her AfriCard.

For a detailed transaction limits, please go through this guide >>.


UBA AfriCard For PayPal Withdrawal Rates and States

Does the UBA AfriCard work on PayPal, and can it be used to withdraw funds from it? The answer is yes. But this method is not recommended for PayPal accounts that is from the UK, Canadian, or USA.

About the rate, while third-party exchangers are doing it for ₦600/$-₦700/$, at fnfSwap, you get over ₦800/$.

Kindly note that the rate is always dynamic. So, it might be that at the point of transaction, the exchange rate is more than what is stated here. 

Here is a full PayPal/AfriCard Blog guide

See the video lesson also [below]. 

How to Link UBA AfriCard to PayPal Account for Withdrawal

 Want to withdraw from UBA Dollar Prepaid Card Online/Offline? If yes, please follow this guide.


UBA AfriCard Withdrawal Limit

UBA AfriCard daily and monthly withdrawal limits were capped at $2,500 and $10,000 respectively. Please see our transaction limits post for details.


UBA AfriCard Charges

  • Card issuance fee – $3.15 or ₦2,000 for local currency.
  • Annual card convenience fee – $20 (VAT exclusive)
  • SMS alert – $0.01
  • International ATM withdrawal fee – 0.06%
  • Original Credit Transaction inflow – e.g. from PayPal – 1.5%

Re-stating the point – if you are funding your Afri Dollar Card for the first time, a one-time fee of $3.15 will be deducted for the card verification.


How to Check the UBA AfriCard Balance Online in Nigeria and Anywhere

There are 2 popular ways to check the AfriCard account balance, the first is using the UBA mobile App, and the second, using the AfriCard web Portal. Let’s see how to go about it.


#1. Using the AfriCard Portal

To check your balance using the web, log into your AfriCard Portal via gtpsecurecard, enter your username and password, click on login and your balance will be shown on the upper middle section of your account dashboard.


#2. Using the UBA Mobile App

To check your balance using the UBA mobile app, first, download the app and add your AfriCard details, when done, re-login and you will see your balance on the app dashboard.

Let’s go on to see how to set up the AfriCard Portal.


UBA AfriCard Portal/Website

The UBA AfriCard website or portal is a dedicated web page that manages your AfriCard transactions. On the website, you can transfer funds to other cardholders, you can change your password, contact UBA, view account activities, and lots more.

The AfriCard Portal can be accessed via gtpsecurecard.com/login.

But to use it, you, first of all, have to create an account.


How To Create an AfriCard Portal Account

Step 1. Go to gtpsecurecard and click on “Set up New Account”

uba visa prepaid card portal

Step 2. On the next page, enter your Customer ID and Web Code

Customer ID – is the 10 digits on the back of your card.

Web Code – is the 4 digits on the A4 paper document attached to your card when you received it from the bank.

Step 3. Click on Confirm and go ahead and select the preferred Username and Passcode [Password]

Step 4. Validate the account by entering the code sent to your phone number.

Step 5. Go to gtpsecurecard.com/Login to login into your AfriCard portal account.


UBA AfriCard Login Page Steps

Step 1. Go to gtpsecurecard/Login

Step 2. Enter your username and password

Step 3. Click on login and you will access your account.

How To Get UBA AfriCard In Ghana and Other African Nations

For any African country where UBA is operational, to get the AfriCard, all you need to do is walk into any UBA banking hall, request the AfriCard form, enter your details, submit it back, and wait for the card to be printed and issued to you. That’s all.

For the funding part for activation, they are all the same steps as already stated.

However, if you want to get things very quick, fnfSwap will help fund your account using Crypto – if you are a non-Nigerian.

To do, kindly click on this link [fund AfriCard for Africans].

That’s everything you need to know about the UBA AfriCard Visa Card. Going down, we will answer some FAQs for more context. Let’s go on. 

Most frequent questions and answers

It takes from 30 minutes to 2 hours at max to get the UBA Visa AfriCard printed and issued to you.

You can get the UBA Prepaid Card at any UBA branch closest to you – in your city/state. Alternatively, you can download the application form online, fill, and take it to the bank for validation and card issuance.

No, not at all. The card is free for every citizen. However, you will require one to load your UBA Prepaid Card.

Upon getting the card from the bank, fund it, proceed to change the default pin to a new one and your card would have been activated.

Yes, PayPal accepts the AfriCard. But for this to work you first of all have to activate the card – that’s funding and changing the pin at the ATM point.

Customer ID or Client ID is the 10 digits inscribed at the back of your AfriCard.

The UBA Dollar bank rate in Nigeria is about ₦460 as of the time of writing. But if you transact with fnfSwap, you get moreif you are swapping your Dollar funds for Naira.

The UBA AfriCard is an independent debit card used for online transactions that have not connected to your real bank account. The card saves you the stress of carrying cash along – mostly if you travel out. 

Yes, the UBA AfriCard has a Dollar denominated card the local currencies denominated. If you are from Nigeria, we have the Naira and the Dollar AfriCard.

Yes, the UBA prepaid card works internationally, be on a vacation, paying for international web hosting services, shopping, digital ads platforms, etc.

Yes, the card works – depending on what you want to use it for.

Yes, sure you can. All you need to do is log in to your Card portal, enter the duration of the statement required and then export to PDF or CSV as you wish.

How do I change my Online PIN or Password?

Yes, it can, but the charges are applicable.

The card is strictly non-transferable and can only be used by one cardholder.

According to UBA, it is recommended that you inform them. For instance, if you are traveling to places like Dubai and US. This is a form of security to prevent fraud on your card when you travel. Alternatively, you can contact CFC at 012808822 or 07002255822 or send an email to [email protected].

Apart from the communication routes above, you may either call UBA Helpdesk on +234 1280 8822.

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